Work at Black Swan Arts

My four weeks at Black Swan Arts in Frome were busy and enjoyable.  I spent a few days settling in and making the space my own and getting used to the flow of visitors through the centre - not something I am used to in my own rural studio in the heart of the Blackdown Hills!

I had great fun getting visitors to make weird and wonderful creations with the air-drying clay and really enjoyed the visits of hoards of primary school children who were intrigued by what I was doing and thrilled to get the chance to make something to take home. 

It was good to be part of such a vibrant creative community; to meet other artists and makers and spend intensive time making and working on ideas for the future.

All in all it was a very valuable experience - made all the more enjoyable by my right-hand girl, 6 year old Alice, who sat for hours making at my side and told me very earnestly that she was going to be an artist when she grew up!